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Additional Advice

Diabetes UK exists for every one of the  millions of people with diabetes in the United Kingdom and for the millions who are their  carers and family. Diabetes UK  helps them by  providing information and support and by financial assistance for scientific research to  investigate and alleviate complications.


Diabetes UK works in partnership with its members and also the Royal Colleges and Professional bodies. As a collective we continue to maintain a reputation as the leading authority in the field of diabetes.


Diabetes UK has a number of Local Groups throughout the United Kingdom. Each Local Group, which is run and managed by local people helps to provide support and guidance within its own area and adheres to the aims and values of DIABETES UK at a local level.  The North Staffs Local Group fully subscribes to this philosophy.


For more in depth information about Diabetes and the information you need to manage your diagnosis in everyday life then please visit:

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