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About Us                                 

Diabetes UK North Staffs Local Group is run by local people who have made it their personal goal to raise funds and help further research into Diabetes. Our group also raises funds in order to facilitate educational events, social events and talks. Our work is tailored to raise public awareness of Diabetes and to enhance the perception of Diabetes within the local community.


The group is fully inclusive and aspires to be representative of the diversity of Diabetes sufferers found within the local community of North Staffordshire. We actively encourage the uptake of membership by individuals and their families whose lives have been affected by Diabetes. We welcome membership from supporters and persons who hold an interest in our work also.


Our aim is to raise money for Diabetes research, publicise the Diabetes cause and also educate diabetics of all ages to minimise the effect of this disease and to become independent and knowledgeable about their own condition. The North Staffs Local Group's overall aim is to help and to care for people with diabetes and those who care for them. With a common goal to raise funds for diabetic research and educate the general public as well as those with diabetes and carers of diabetics. We also aim to help local diabetics - the need to be determined by the Committee (none financial) along with liasing with the local hospital, Diabetes Centre and clinic.

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